Member Rewards Program

The Pursuit of Extraordinary!

Let's Go!

Your first step is to decide how you want to start your Q9Labs journey; as a Member, a Customer, or an Affiliate. Based on that, the second step is to get your hands on the amount of product that's right for you and your path. It's easy to share with family and friends so think about that when deciding. The more product you purchase, the greater the discount you will enjoy and you’ll be qualified to start earning revenues with our various Member Rewards!

Leap Forward

Q9Labs is all about Velocity, and we support the speed of your success! We give you the opportunity to leap forward with your e-commerce business as our Member Rewards plan includes one of many bonuses when anyone you introduce purchases products.

Promote and Enjoy Our Members are the Stars of our company and are given the right to promote, promote, PROMOTE! As you do, you can earn free products and the ability to get paid on every sale created by your social selling efforts. The more you share, the more income you can earn as well as become a bigger, brighter Star in our community!

The New Approach

Social selling combined with Q9Labs's exclusive ecosystem makes it very easy to share your experience with those you care about. When your focus is to increase your daily performance you then become a participant in society raising the vibration of those you referred and we believe in rewarding people for it!

Retail Bonus

Our Affiliate Rewards allows you to earn a handsome commission just by referring products at our suggested retail value as we offer them to you at a major discount and you get to keep the difference in profits!

Sharing is Caring

We all look for value and benefits in our lives so it's our most sincere desire that Q9Labs will be a positive force in your daily life and the same for your new customers.

We have created a platform where you share because you care and earn rewards and recognition with a company that’s got your back and is cheering you on!

Collaborate and Celebrate

Teamwork always makes the dream work and we know that having a solid support group is important for success. As you start to assemble your tribe and help them thrive, you'll get rewarded in several ways while having fun and personally developing! As well, your Enrollee is rewarded for your success, incentivizing you both to work together and truly making this a team effort.

Choose your path

Have you ever written a song that was a hit year after year and enjoyed the residual income that goes with it? Well, now you can enjoy the same type of reward and not even have to sing! We have designed a retirement plan just for you. We want to be there for you at the beginning and our dedication is to see you through every step of the way and welcome you to your new future - and as we say, Life Reimagined!